Review of English Ivy {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Very happy with quality of plants
04/24/2015 By Betty Bolden

I have a slope of nothing more than crushed shale that is 30 feet tall and about 275 feet long. Three years ago I planted some English Ivy in one area to see if they would grow because there really isn't any dirt on the slope, just shale, but 99% of the plants not only survived, they have really grown and have started to fill in. Now every year I order several hundred to put on the slope. I'm hoping when I get the entire slope planted that the ivy will take over and choke out all the weeds. The ivy comes in bundles of 50 and the plants are very healthy. If you keep the box in a cool dark place, the ivy will keep for several days until you are ready to plant.


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