Review of English Ivy {54 Pots - 2 1/2 in.}

BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY PLANTS but, deer ate them the first night!
05/08/2015 By Kimberly France

05/08/2015 The plants arrived perfectly packed so that there was no damage to tender new growth. They were extremely healthy, bigger than I expected, and had lots of rich potting soil to plant with them. My soil is very sandy. So, this helped get them started. The problem was that I had selected them specifically because they were "deer resistant". There are precious few "deer resistant" ground covers that also grow in poor soil, in shade, and under pine trees. The deer ate almost a quarter of my very expensive English Ivy (about $500 worth). It's not like I live in Ohio or something where the deer are starving and are forced into eating stuff they don't really like. I live in Hilton Head Island, SC where there is an abundance of wonderful things for deer to eat! But, they chose to eat my new ivy. So, now I'm in a battle with the neighborhood deer. I think the deer will probably win.


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