Review of Japanese Spurge {2 1/2 in. Pots min 54}

Nice plants, arrived late
05/14/2015 By Mark Ellis

But only one day late. Website says orders placed on Saturday are shipped on Tuesday. Mine went out on Wednesday and arrived on Friday afternoon. We had to dodge the rain to plant but it worked out ok.

They look like they'll grow like a weed which is just what we wanted.

05/14/2015 ============= Classy Groundcovers comment:

Hi Mark,

As we explain on the when we ship page, orders placed during our peak season of April-May may slip a day.

* - During April and May we are extremely busy and delivery of your order may slip a few days, at most to the Friday of the following week (after noon on Fridays we may need to start setting up shipments for Tuesday and orders that then come in on Friday or over the weekend will get divided up between Tuesday and Wednesday as needed to keep Tuesday from becoming overburdened and to allow orders that come in on Monday and early Tuesday and require three days in transit to ship on Tuesday).


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