Review of Japanese Spurge {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Not the best from this company
05/01/2014 By ted

This company truly cares about there customers. Received several emails about them being concerned and what could be done to fix the issue with the wilted plants. I can't say enough about thier customer service. Thank you Catherine
05/01/2014 Update This is the first time I ordered anything bare root. Do not know if I will again. Some of the plats were wilted and had brown spots on them. I have ordered many items from this company and have been completely satisfied. It was hard for me to give this company three stars o this order because overall I give this company a 5 star rating. I will order again from classy ground covers.

05/01/2014: ===== Classy Groundcovers comment:
Something must have happened during shipment, we offered to replace them.


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