Review of Southern Shield Fern {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}

So far so good
05/20/2015 By Melva Henderson

I was surprised when there was no "keep upright" or "this side up" on the box; only 1 of 24 plants had fallen out, minor damage. I got them all planted, here in OK City, between days of heavy rains/thunderstorms/tornado watches. Put some 'Native Texas Hardwood Mulch' (brought up from Texas, of course--& well worth it!) under the little fronds so they wouldn't get pounded into the mud, & 5 days later they look great.

I could've gotten larger plants for the money at local garden stores, but none had the Southern Shield. I'm trusting these are going to grow fast & healthy this year, & even better in future years , & so be worth the investment. I'm thinking of getting another 24--this year or wait until I see how they are next year?

We've bought a 100 year old house in a historic neighborhood of Oklahoma City because it & the yards had 'good bones', but need lots of time, love & money. I'm using ferns as lush ground cover/filler. Live Chat Guy said these are exactly what I need. If they don't thrive in shade AND various degrees of sun I'm going to be really disappointed/unhappy! But, so far so good!

I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because I wanted more plant in each pot.


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