Review of Periwinkle 'Traditional' {Bare Root Plants, min 500}

Plants arrived on time and in good condition
06/07/2015 By David Bowles

The plants looked great, I purchased a 3 inch soil drill to speed the installation. Unfortunately, I did not prepare the sloped area properly. I should have applied Roundup to kill the weeds, perhaps two weeks before planting in place of weed whipping followed by Roundup only three days before planting. About 300 plants were placed in soil and generously watered in the first three days of planting. Although the plants were watered each day in the ground and in the shipping container - planting was halted due to an extreme breakout of poison ivy - shots and pills - no more planting. I should have asked for and followed your advice before starting this project. However, the plants in the ground do look fantastic and are doing very well. I plan to resume this project later this year, probably in the early fall.


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