Review of Purple Wintercreeper {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Very Positive Experience
05/05/2014 By Trusten Lee

I ordered 100 Purple Wintercreepers over the weekend with some reservation about doing so. I had no idea of who Classy Ground Covers were etc. I have ordered from other mail order plant companies and was disappointed, But I needed at least 100 plants and the cost differential between the local nursery and Classy Ground Covers was significant, and the local nursery did not have enough stock. The plants arrived 5 days later, absolutely beautiful plants, fresh, sturdy, large roots and very well packed. I couldn't have been more pleased. Great Product, on time delivery, very reasonable pricing, The bare roots worked very well, probably even better than potted plants. Drilled planting holes with a tulip bit and cordless drill, done in 2 hours. I will be ordering more.


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