Review of Periwinkle 'Traditional' {Bare Root Plants, min 500}

1000 tiny plants - it's a lot!
07/02/2015 By Eva Beluska

My order of the 1000 bare rooted Vinca minor came faster than I expected them to arrive! The packaging and the delivery was exceptional. The plants were in great shape, hope they will be as rewarding as I think they will be. Just did not understand the need of the tiny rubber band holding 3-5 plants together...
Great service and products at a great price!

07/02/2015 ============= Classy Groundcovers comment:
Hi Eva,

The rubber bands simply identify what we consider "one" plant so you can plan your planting better. Each of those 3-5 stems count as a single plant!
Note: there is no need to remove the rubber bands before planting.


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