Review of Royal Fern {Bare Root Plants, min 10}

These are Royal Ferns???
08/18/2015 By Dorothy Bock

The ones that are still alive, after planting and re-planting, in no way look like the picture. They are broadleaf and attractive, but are not "ferns", as my mental image sees ferns. I would recommend that anyone buying plants, at least, buy a small plant, and never a tuber or bulb. This purchase has taught me that lesson, and it is a good lesson, thank you!

08/18/2015 Classy Groundcovers comment:
Do the ferns you received look any different from the ferns in the photos on the page you ordered from? We don't have any control over whether Royal Ferns match your mental image of what you expected them to look like. We have a lot of photographs of the foliage, you should be able to tell from the photographs if they will match what you want them to look like.


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