Review of Dwarf Mondo Grass {2 1/2 in. Pots, min 54}

Great plants
09/17/2015 By Martin Garrett

This fall I ordered 162 dwarf mondo grass. Each plant was an excellent specie with an outstanding root system. I have ordered from Classy Groundcovers for many years and with each order the plants could not have been better.
09/17/2015 Update Plants arrived as requested. Great root system and color. Root system is so good plants can be divided if desired. Could not be better.
09/17/2015 Update I tried to answer but would not send.
09/17/2015 Update The dwraf mondo grass plants have an excellent root system and color. I do not think it could be better. The root system is so good one can separate the plants for planting in between bricks or pavers. I requested 3 shipments at various time and so far two have arrived as scheduled.


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