Review of Phlox 'Blue Emerald' {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}

Good quality plants, but they take a while to mature
10/01/2018 By McKinney Janis

The plants themselves are in great condition, and items ship on time. This is the third year that we have ordered plants in late summer/early fall. One thing that folks should realize is that due to their size, the plants take more than a year to really become robust. Plants that we bought two years ago are coming along well but I think that the company should explain what purchasers should expect so that people aren't terribly disappointed.

10/01/2018 Classy Groundcovers comment:
The 8th photo on every product page shows exactly what the product looks like when shipped. If you look at the photo then when the plants arrive you will get exactly what you are expecting. In this case:


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