Review of Sedge 'Ice Dance' {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}

09/17/2015 By Janet James

People get suspicious if your review is unconditionally positive so I've been trying to frame it in a way that is credible but not TOO temperate. How often do you shop "cold" on line and keep your fingers crossed that you Googled the right one? These sedges arrived quickly; they were packed perfectly; and, they are undoubtedly the best specimens I've seen! They are especially robust. They were in the ground by the end of the day, and I expect they will be the healthy equivalent BY NEXT SPRING, of one's I bought in 1 gallon containers for three times as much. Ironically, I had waited 7 weeks for my local nurseryman to secure a dozen 1 gallon size. They arrived within hours of my classy groundcovers order, just a coincidence. Based on this experience I recommend CGC without reservations and I will be back.


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