You Choose When Your Plants Ship, You Know When They Will Be Delivered

Besides the consistent quality ratings of our plants and service (see comments from customers) and our Top 5 rating at the premiere gardening resource Dave's Garden (out of more than 7,000 online gardening companies), another primary reason for our loyal customer base is our commitment to precise scheduling of shipments.

For your convenience (and to allow you to take advantage of special offers sent to our email list subscribers), we offer you the opportunity to specify the exact date that your order ships.

No wondering when your plants will arrive when you order from Classy Groundcovers!

You may specify the shipping date (or we ship as soon as possible such that the plants will not be in transit over the weekend - see when we ship).

You know when the plants will be delivered (see transit time, which is 99% accurate - sometimes UPS will take an additional day).

You have access to the shipping and tracking information for your order. The shipping date is updated within 1-2 weekday hours of the placing of your order, the tracking information is updated by the evening your order is shipped.

You will get an email from UPS when your order ships, advising you of the tracking information and expected delivery date (we ship with no signature required, but if you live in a metropolitan area the delivery driver may - at their discretion - not deliver without someone home).
  • If you are receiving plants in a metropolitan area and UPS does not tend to leave deliveries without signature, contact UPS (800-PICK-UPS) to see if you can arrange something special.

  • If you are receiving plants during hot summer months, we suggest you leave a note to alert UPS that you are receiving live plants, it can help assure receipt of your plants in the best possible condition.

If you do not want your plants shipped immediately (see when we will ship if you do not choose a date), choose the specific date that you want your order shipped and indicate your desired shipping date when checking out by entering your request in the comments box.

Consider the transit time (1-3 days) and choose shipment on a day of the week that will get your plants to you without requiring two extra days traveling over a weeekend (shipping on a Monday or Tuesday is always safe). Our arrangement with UPS allows only weekday delivery.

Please choose a specific shipping date that makes sense and is not subject to interpretation.
Examples of specific shipping dates are:
+ March 20th
+ first week in April

Examples of unacceptable (vague, ambiguous) ship dates are:
+ spring
+ when it's a good time to plant
+ after last frost
(call your local extension office if you need help determining a date for your area)


Your privacy is important to us, we will not send you any unnecessary email. If you wish to be advised of our sales (2-4 times per year), join our mail list.