Archer's Gold Creeping Thyme flat of 18 Pots - 3 1/2 in

Thymus citriodorus 'Archer's Gold' (AKA Mother of Thyme, Broad-leaved Thyme, Large Thyme 'Archer's Gold')
Pronunciation: TYE-mus sur-PILL-um
Product: 883

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(minimum of 1) flat of 18 Pots - 3 1/2 in
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Embrace the vibrant charm of Thymus citriodorus 'Archer's Gold', a delightful variety of lemon thyme that infuses gardens with both visual beauty and aromatic pleasure. Known for its golden-yellow leaves and citrus-scented foliage, 'Archer's Gold' adds a splash of color and fragrance to any garden setting, making it an excellent choice for culinary and ornamental uses alike.

The leaves of 'Archer's Gold' are especially striking, combining shades of gold with green hues that intensify in full sunlight, creating a luminous, warm effect. During the summer months, this thyme variety is adorned with clusters of tiny, lavender-pink flowers that attract bees and butterflies, enhancing the garden's biodiversity and visual appeal.

Ideal for borders, rock gardens, or as a fragrant ground cover, Thymus citriodorus 'Archer's Gold' forms low, dense mats that thrive in poor, dry soils where other plants might falter. Its creeping habit and robust growth make it perfect for filling gaps between stepping stones or spilling over containers and hanging baskets.

In addition to its ornamental value, 'Archer's Gold' is a culinary treasure, with leaves that can be used fresh or dried to flavor dishes, teas, and oils. The lemony essence of the foliage pairs wonderfully with fish, poultry, and vegetable dishes, adding a fresh, zesty note.

Low maintenance and drought-tolerant once established, Thymus citriodorus 'Archer's Gold' is not only a gardener's delight but also a resilient and practical addition to sustainable landscapes. Plant 'Archer's Gold' for a continuous display of color, fragrance, and flavor that will enhance your garden and kitchen year after year.

Archer's Gold blooms mid-summer above a creeping mat of small, golden leaves with an aromatic, lemon scent. . This Thyme's gentle lavender flowers are some of the first to appear each spring.

Grows best in moist, well-drained soil with average water. Plant along walkways or between pavers so you can enjoy the lemon scent when the plant is disturbed. Creeping Thyme tolerates varying amounts of foot traffic.
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General information about Thymus serpyllum (Thyme):
A highly multi-purpose perennial groundcover, Thyme is a low-growing, highly aromatic herb that is often grown as an evergreen ornamental groundcover. It grows well in the cracks between rocks and pavers or stepping stones.

Abundantly fragrant and flavorful, gardeners can’t resist running their fingers through the lacey foliage just to enjoy its lemony scent. Thyme grows especially well in somewhat dry, sunny conditions.

This elegant and low-maintenance groundcover can even be planted in sandy soil and once established it tolerates drought (though it grows more heartily with profuse watering), and light foot traffic. Owing to its acceptance of light foot traffic, your planting options are expanded beyond rock gardens to stepping stones, pathways, borders, edging and filling crooks and crevices as long as you give it well-drained soil.

Butterflies are fond of Thyme and you will discover that she is very disease resistant meaning, once established, you will be rewarded with years of fragrant, delicious, and timeless beauty. Prostrate by nature, Thyme takes on a slight mounding habit if planted in an area with only partial sun.

Thyme is most fragrant and flavorful when grown in dry, lean, well-drained soil. The foliage can be used for seasoning at any time and is easily dried. The blooms are also edible, and are tastiest when first opening. Sprigs of Thyme are wonderful stuffed inside poultry before roasting or snipped into salads for a citrusy punch on the palette.

Gardener Tips
Too much moisture can rot the plants, so you will find it does best with average water and well drained soil.

If you love to have a little design fun in your garden, select an area where you alternate pavers or stepping stones with plantings of Thyme to create a geometric pattern. Some gardeners even opt to write words with plantings of Thyme.

A fun project with grandchildren is to create a series of steps from concrete blocks. Inside each hole in the block, put a small layer of gravel, followed by a cupful of sand, then excellent quality soil and one Thyme plant.

Interesting Facts
Thyme is native to most of Europe and North Africa and as such is often used in those cuisines.

Thyme has been utilized for millennia. Due to its intrepid and vitality-laden symbolism to the ancient Greeks, athletes covered their arms with its oil before tournaments.

All varieties of Thyme have strong disinfectant properties, which brought about the cultivars' widespread use by Egyptians for embalming and during 20th century wartime to sterilize wounds.
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If using between pavers or stepping stones, it is recommended that you plant them such that the soil level is one to one-and-a-half inches below the top of the walking surface to allow room for the plants to compress when stepped on.
Deadheading spent flower heads is recommended to promote extended blooming.
It is best to stop harvesting Thyme a month before the first frost. This will allow the more tender stems to harden off some before the cold comes and will reduce the die-back over the winter.
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