Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis)

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Lily of the Valley {Bare Root Plants, min 25}
On Sale!: $2.97
Discount: 38%
(May Lily, May Bells, Lily Constancy, Ladder-to-Heaven, Male Lily and Muguet, Our Lady's Tears) Jade-green leaves provide a low, dense groundcover with deliciously fragrant white, bell-shaped flowers in May that dangle like pearls, ...
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20% off Shady White Deer Mix #1: 25 White False Spirea, 25 Lily of the Valley
On Sale!: $224.80
Discount: 20%
Save 20% on this popular collection of dramatic white plants that deer tend to avoid. For shade or part shade in zones 5-7/8.
In stock.
25% off Shady White Deer Mix #2: 25 White False Spirea, 25 Monroe White Lilyturf, 25 Lily-of-the-Valley
On Sale!: $358.31
Discount: 25%
Save 25% on this package of plants that offer an abundance of white flowers giving brightness and texture as well as elegant blooms to your shady to part-shade location in zones 5-8. Deer tend not to eat these!
In stock.


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