Poor Soil

See photographs comparing average sizes of some bare roots and potted plants
Hemerocallis 'White Triangle' {25 Bare Root plants}
Pale buttery yellow blooms bleed into a white patch at the base. 24-30" tall, semi-evergreen (in warmer climates) foliage is a dense backdrop of green for this early-mid season repeat bloomer.
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Hemerocallis 'Aztec Gold' {25 Bare Root plants}
Trumpets of gold, the ample 3-4" yellow blossoms of Aztec appear early to mid-season amidst clumps of rapidly growing aloe-green foliage (16-20"), creating lush, dense colorful coverage.
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Dennstaedtia punctilobula {10 Bare Root plants}
(Hay-Scented Fern) People love this fern because it dramatically brightens shade gardens with vibrant chartreuse, medium sized foliage that emits the unique scent of fresh-cut hay when rubbed or crushed slightly. 2' tall.
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Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' {25 Bare Root plants}
Tall, thin and vivid evergreen grass-like foliage and slim spikes of lavender to periwinkle toned hyacinth-like blooms, followed by ebony-blue berries. 12-15" tall, spreads moderately fast.
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Liriope spicata {25 Bare Root plants}
Pale lavender to white flower spikes bloom in late summer amidst dense arching, evergreen (in southern zones) mat-forming tufts of narrow grassy foliage, 12-15" tall.
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Hemerocallis 'Orange' {25 Bare Root plants}
(Fulva) The native daylily is famous for colorful clementine-orange blossoms with a burgundy/yellow throat on 28-32" foliage. Tolerates most soil conditions. A hardy garden staple.
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Hemerocallis 'Stella de Oro' {25 Bare Root plants}
Slightly fragrant sunny golden 2 1/2" blooms begin in early summer on this compact (8-12") daylily with dense foliage and an abundance of reblooming flowers. A more compact semi-evergreen (in southern zones) daylily.
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Euonymus fortunei 'Acutus' {50 Bare Root plants}
(Wintercreeper, Radicans, Chinensis) A hardy deep emerald, leathery evergreen trailing vine that covers quickly and thoroughly. Tolerates most environmental conditions, including poor soils and drought. Mature height 6-12".
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Euonymus fortunei 'Coloratus' {50 Bare Root plants}
(Purple Wintercreeper) Incredible emerald (spring, summer) evergreen trailing vine that turns burgundy in fall. Rapid spreading, it tolerates most conditions, including poor soils and drought. Mature height 6-12".
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Hedera helix 'Baltica' {50 Bare Root plants}
(Baltic Ivy) A fast-growing evergreen vine with glossy leaves that are unusually dark green with prominent white veins. Adopts a slight eggplant hue in autumn. Mature height 6-12", can climb 30-40 feet.
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