Goes well with Pennsylvania Sedge

False Spirea (Pink) {Bare Root Plants, min 10}
10 - 24: $7.47 each  |  25 - 99: $7.07 each
(False Goatsbeard) Show-stopping feathery fuchsia blossoms appear like cotton candy on flower spikes (May-July) amidst vibrant saw-toothed foliage. Grows in shade, 18-24".
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Mondo Grass {flat of 18 Pots - 3 1/4 in }
1 flat of 18 3 1/2" pots: $85.86 ($4.77 per plant)
(Monkey Grass, Lilyturf, Japanese Snake's Beard, Kyoto) Evergreen grasslike clumps or mounds with leathery pond-green 1/8" leaf blades dotted by tiny light lilac to white flowers in summer and bright blue berries in fall. Mature ...
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Yarrow 'Paprika' {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}
25 - 249: $5.37 each  |  250 - 999: $5.07 each
(Milfoil, Thousand Leaf, Stanchgrass, Sanguinary, Nose-bleed, Thousand Seal) 3-4" stunning, large crimson flower clusters on lacy sage fern-like foliage with a slightly spicy scent. Nearly evergreen foliage reaches two feet.
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Daylily 'Orange' {Bare Root Plants, min 25}
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('Fulva', Tawny/Tiger Daylily) The native daylily is famous for colorful clementine-orange blossoms with a burgundy/yellow throat on 28-32" foliage. Tolerates most soil conditions. A hardy garden staple.
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Coreopsis 'Nana' {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}
25 - 249: $6.27 each  |  250 - 999: $5.97 each
(Tickseed, Mouse/Dwarf Eared) Like a sunrise when in bloom, this groundcover has semi-evergreen to evergreen foliage that forms a dense green backdrop to profuse golden daisy-like flowers in late spring/early summer. 6-12" tall.
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Coral Bells 'Palace Purple' {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}
25 - 249: $6.27 each  |  250 - 999: $5.97 each
(Coralbells, Alumroot) An evergreen that makes a statement with clumps (typically 12" tall) of deep mahogany leaves with purple-red tops and and beet-red undersides. Elegant creamy bell-shaped flower spikes in spring.
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