Review of 20% off Ferns: 25 Japanese Painted + 25 Cinnamon Ferns

They are healthy, Im confused...
08/04/2016 By Cynthia Towers

Plants all look great. Placed thr order midJuly. Since they state on their website, "we'll ship them when you can plant them in your zone", I paid and expected them to arrive in September, as I live in the Mid-Atlantic zone. Surprize!!! They arrived 3 days later- end of July, hottest month of the year here...
Also, I thought I was buying everything on pots, but the ferns came bareroot...
Im coping, but Id advise to be VERY CLEAR about your order in the comments section, which I neglected to do, alas.. If Im lucky, Ill get half to make it now. Ugh.

08/04/2016 Classy Groundcovers comment:
Nowhere on our site does it say "we'll ship them when you can plant them in your zone", we actually state "You may specify the shipping date (or we ship as soon as possible such that the plants will not be in transit over the weekend)" and also on the checkout page we state "If you want your order held and shipped at some later date: indicate your desired shipping date in the 'Shipping Comments' field below.".

The page you ordered from clearly identifies the Cinnamon Ferns as bare roots.

Please advise what you think we should do to make these facts more clear.

Please consider revising your rating, the plants should not be punished because of these inappropriate expectations.

I am not sure why you expect to lose any plants, there is no reason that any will die if you care for them properly.


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