Review of Black Mondo Grass {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

Excellent Product & Service
06/06/2019 By Mittai (WV)

This is the second time I am ordering large scale from Classy Groundcovers.

I usually consult with them extensively on their products and they always take the time to work with me on my decisions. The best part is they are not looking to push more or other different products my way. I find their knowledge of the plants in relation to my zone very reliable.

In any case, I had ordered 45 Black Mundo Grass. They arrived promptly in good condition. Size was as described. Pleasant surprise, they threw in a handful off extra plants. Quite nice of them, indeed.

We have planted most of them and they are thriving. Its been raining for the past couple of days. So we will plant the remaining in the next couple of days.

Many thanks Kevin!! Cheers!


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