Black Mondo Grass {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Arabicus' (AKA Black Dragon Grass, Monkey Grass, Ebony Knight, Similar to 'Nigrescens', 'Ebknizam')
Pronunciation: oh-fee-oh-POE-gon plan-iss-KAP-us
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(minimum of 25) 3 1/2 in. Pots
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Style, statement and stature are what you are guaranteed to achieve with Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Arabicus', commonly called Black Mondo Grass. The evergreen ebony 1/4 inch wide leaves emerge green but turn black quickly, offering extraordinary color and stylish contrast that is next to impossible to achieve with such ease.

Additionally, it remains shiny and pristine year round, requiring no mowing or maintenance. In summer, bell-shaped cloudy-lavender flowers bloom followed by fleshy blue-black seeds that beg birds to visit.

When gardeners plant Black Mondo, they look to highlight its stunning foliage by contrasting it against rock gardens, walls, pavers or stepping stones and lighter colored plants. But you should know it behaves wonderfully under shady, woody plants, connecting larger islands, and making dark pools for sculpture nestling.

A member of the lily family, with a slow-growing, clumping personality, she spreads by stolons. She is drought tolerant, preferring an acidic and rich, well-drained (but moisture-retentive) sandy or loamy soil.) If you have any doubt about the incredible beauty of this grass, simply look at the photographs to see how much dimension and beauty this plant will add to your garden.

Things to Note
If you are planting in Zone 5, contact your local cooperative extension to confirm winter hardiness in your area.

Gardener Tips
This plant's foliage height is determined by growing conditions; under harsh conditions (poor soil, water, and/or pH), it may grow only 3-4 inches tall.
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General information about Ophiopogon (Mondo Grass):
A reliable, hardy evergreen with thin blade-like foliage in a dark shade of green, Ophiopogon, often referred to as Lily Turf or Mondo Grass is an excellent ground cover for shady areas where other plants refuse to grow.

Gardeners love Mondo Grass for reliable texture, color and structure in rock gardens, between between pavers or stepping stones, in seashore plantings and as borders and edging for beds and walkways, around shaded pools and even garden statues because it requires no mowing and offers elegance, structure and definition to any area.

Where runoff is a problem, its dense mat of roots is exceptional at holding the ground up, preventing erosion. The depth of color contrasts beautifully with the lighter green of a lawn or the grey hues of garden ornaments and works wonderfully as an evergreen in planters where seasonal annuals provide pops of vibrant color.

If you love to play with shape and design, you will absolutely adore this lush, ornamental grass that creates a dense evergreen ground cover. The deep emerald green leaf blades (1/8 inch wide) form in clumps that need no mowing and will tolerate foot traffic making them a perfect lawn alternative that thrives in shade.

In the summer there are insignificant white flowers and in fall, bright blue berries will beckon birds. Spreads slowly to moderately fast by underground stolons. One of the all-time favorite effortless grasses, Ophiopogon caresses gardens with color and richness.

Things to Note
Our Mondo grasses produce fruit that will drive birds crazy with delight. If you are a birder, this plant is a must have for attracting a variety of species.

Gardener Tips
Consider planting clumps of Mondo in year round planters adding forced tulips in early spring, Begonias and Creeping Jenny in summer and autumn, and sprigs of evergreen bows and berries in winter for continual curb appeal.

Why all the confusion about the common names?
In 1763, the French botanist Michael Adanson described a plant (probably Liriope) that he called Mondo, which remains a common name today.

A few years later, Carl Peter Thunberg described a plant, which he named Convallaria japonica. This species is now known as Ophiopogon japonicus.

A decade later, Portugese botanist Joao de Loureiro described and named the plant we now know as Liriope muscari. Nearly 100 years later Joseph Decaisne described the same species as Ophiopogon muscari.

Over time there have been numerous discussions regarding these plants and the proper botanical names for them. Today, both Liriope and Ophiopogon are treated as distinct genera. In addition to sharing the name Mondo, the plants are also interchangably called Lilyturf and Monkey Grass.
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Happy with healthy plants
06/23/2020 By Aleijda Balsan (MA)
Product reviewed: Black Mondo Grass {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

Mondo grass arrived healthy and adapted very well in the ground. looking forward to see them mature.
Great Service
06/17/2019 By Craig Lomicka (MD)
Product reviewed: Black Mondo Grass {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

2nd time ordering and could not be happier. Plants arrived promptly and were all healthy. Will use them again as the need arises.

This is the second time I am ordering large scale from Classy Groundcovers.

I usually consult with them extensively on their products and they always take the time to work with me on my decisions. The best part is they are not looking to push more or... Read full review >
Black Mondo
10/18/2018 By Thomas Hirko
Product reviewed: Black Mondo Grass {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

Nice grass. Arrived in great shape and already planted.

Just what my landscape needed, they look great!
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