Large Orders

Besides the quantity discounts you see on product pages, additional discounts are available for orders of 1000 or more of the same plant. Please note that you cannot combine different plants to qualify for the wholesale discount, you must order 1000 or more of one item. If the discount is not automatically applied in your cart, contact us.

Our prices include free shipping. We do not ship internationally.
Additional Discounts off the Lowest Price
(on any single form of a single plant)

# of Plants
1000 or more
2500 or more
5000 or more
10000 or more
20000 or more

You can take advantage of the wholesale discounts and ease your planting chore by requesting that your order for 1000 or more plants be split up into two partial shipments by indicating your desire in Shipping Comments when you checkout.
For example, if you purchase 1000 plants but do not wish to plant them all at the same time you may specify multiple ship dates such as: "1/2 now, 1/2 next week" or "1/2 now, will advise when to ship the rest".

Note that our inventory fluctuates daily, we may not always have sufficient inventory to fill extremely large orders.
Feel free to inquire if we can fill a specific bulk request.

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