Trust us, we get it! You want the assurance of healthy plants. To give you an idea of the quality of our products, please check comments from customers as well as the ratings and comments for us at Dave's Garden. We are a Watchdog 30 company at Dave's Garden, meaning we are rated one of the top 30 out of more than 7000 gardening vendors that they track.

Some online plant companies have huge markups affording them the ability to offer refunds or replacements for plants that do not survive, banking on the fact that many people will not bother. Instead, we have chosen to offer you high-quality plants at a low price for those willing to assume the responsibility of choosing wisely and nurturing properly. Again, we invite you to read what customers have to say about our plants--we believe the ratings speak for themselves.

If, after reading our reviews you still prefer paying a higher price for plants with a guarantee, we invite you to read the reviews of well-known online nurseries that do offer those guarantees. Again, we feel the customer’s comments will help you make the best decision. Spring Hill - Breck's - Michigan Bulb - Henry Field's - Wayside Gardens

Why not avoid the hassle of needing a guarantee in the first place? Do your research, choose wisely, and buy from us to get top-quality plants at a fair price.

Proper environment and nurturing is also, of course, required for plants to survive and thrive. For example: if a plant that requires well drained soil is planted in a consistently wet area it probably will not survive; if a plant that requires frequent moisture is not watered during a prolonged drought it probably will not survive. We have had people never water new plants and expect us to replace them when they died; obviously this is an extreme case but it illustrates the point that it is unreasonable to hold us responsible for what happens to plants after delivery.

The Cold Hardiness Zone is a rating based on the average low temperatures in a climate zone. It gives an indication of the regions where a plant generally survives winters. We cannot guarantee winter hardiness, especailly in northern fringe zones. If a plant is described as hardy in zones 5/6-9 that means that there are parts of zone 5 (and perhaps even zone 6) where it may not be winter hardy. If you have an unusually cold winter, you might even lose plants in a zone where it is generally hardy. Please understand that it is not reasonable to expect us to replace plants lost to these situations. If you are in a fringe zone, we suggest that you ask your local cooperative extension office to confirm the likelihood of hardiness.

The main reason that we do not warrant plants is that we have no control over the environment and nurturing that our plants receive. Survival depends on a suitable environment - if you understand the needs of your plants and match them to your environment, you will not be disappointed. You will never pay inflated prices to absorb the cost of careless purchases made by others. Our pricing reflects the savings you receive by making informed, thoughtful selections. You won’t be disappointed.

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