Specifying Ship Date

If you do not want your plants shipped immediately (see when we will ship if you do not choose a date), choose the specific date that you want your order shipped and indicate your desired shipping date when checking out.

Consider the transit time (1-3 days) and choose shipment on a day of the week that will get your plants to you without requiring two extra days traveling over a weekend (shipping on a Monday or Tuesday is always safe). Our arrangement with UPS allows only weekday delivery.

Please choose a specific shipping date that makes sense and is not subject to interpretation.
Examples of specific shipping dates are:
+ March 20th
+ first week in April

Examples of unacceptable (vague, ambiguous) ship dates are:
+ spring
+ when it's a good time to plant
+ after last frost (call your local extension office if you need help determining a date for your area)

Please review all of the shipping information to avoid any possibility of unmet expectation.

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