Sedge Mix, 20% off: 25 Sedge Bunny Blue ®, 25 Sedge 'Ice Dance', 25 Blue Sedge

This is the perfect solution when you want an assortment of colors, height and variegation in stunning grasses.

Save 20% on this package of maintenance-free plants that bring elegance and movement (when windy) to your garden. Best for moist soils. For part sun in zones 5-9!
This package includes:
- 25 Sedge Bunny Blue ® (Carex laxiculmis 'Hobb' (Bunny Blue ®)) in 3 1/2" pots
- 25 Sedge 'Ice Dance' (Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance') in 3 1/2" pots
- 25 Blue Sedge (Carex flacca (Carex glauca)) in 3 1/2" pots
Click the links below for more information and photographs of the plants (you may purchase the plants separately if you wish). You may specify any ship date when you checkout.
Sedge Bunny Blue ® (Carex laxiculmis 'Hobb' (Bunny Blue ®)) - Stunning metallic silvery blue foliage makes a dramatic statement in your garden. 8-12" tall.
Sedge 'Ice Dance' (Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance') - An evergreen dense, spreading sedge with icey-white variegated edges and peridot centers that boldly brightens woodland/shaded areas even in winter. 12-15" tall.
Blue Sedge (Carex flacca (Carex glauca)) - A striking silver-blue Carnation-like mounding grass that undulates in the breeze. 6-10" tall.
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09/06/2017 All three of the sedges are beautiful and healthy. They are 3 to 4 times as large as the bare root alternative from other vendors. All the plants have lived once planted and the deer have not pulled a single one out of the ground. I am anxious... Read full review >
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Carex Mix, 20% off: 25 Carex l. 'Hobb' (Bunny Blue ®), 25 Carex m. 'Ice Dance', 25 Carex flacca (Carex glauca)
Pronunciation: KARE-eks laks-ih-KULM-is, KARE-eks mor-ROW-eye, KARE-eks FLAK-a

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pack(s) of 25 Carex l. 'Hobb' (Bunny Blue ®), 25 Carex m. 'Ice Dance', 25 Carex flacca (Carex glauca)
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