It is important that you open your boxes immediately, remove the packing material from the tops of the plants, and check moisture (add water if they are dry).

If your order includes any bare root plants and you will not be planting them immediately, stand them upright and keep the roots cool and moist. Simply poke drainage holes in the bottom of the box and spray them regularly to keep them moist, but never immersed in water. It's best to plant within a few days, but they will keep longer if the roots are kept moist. If you need to keep them longer than a week, consider temporarily planting them in a box of dirt so the roots are covered.

Please understand that although we ship healthy plants they may suffer somewhat from shipping. No matter how carefully we pack, rough handling and temperature may cause one or more of the following:
  • Yellow or brown leaves (mostly on hostas and daylilies). It's best to cut tops back when planting and let them send up new foliage. Often they are cut before shipping.
  • Loss of leaves (mostly on the vine type plants when shipped bare root). Plant immediately (see link to instructions below) and keep soil moist.
  • Dry roots. Moisten immediately and hold in cool area until ready to plant.
  • Bent or broken leaves/stems (mostly on the larger and more sensitive materials such as ferns, echinacea, sedums, etc.). Cut off any damage, these plants recuperate quickly with new fresh growth.
Any cosmetic damage to foliage is temporary and the mature plants and root systems will recover quickly.

Rarely, an abnormal event occurs resulting in a box being crushed, plants being overheated to the point of melting into mush, etc. If this occurs, contact us and we will resolve any concerns. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.

See also:
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