Creeping Fig {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}

Sweet and English-cottage in appearance, Ficus Pumila, commonly called Creeping Fig, is a staple evergreen groundcover in warmer climates where a rich carpet of covering color is desired. A small, tidy, woody vine that grows easily, Creeping Fig will climb objects 20 feet or higher by aerial rootlets. Without something to climb, it will spread indefinitely forming a lovely, thick horizontal carpet across your garden (tolerating light foot traffic) and over any rock walls or out of elevated planters.

With waxy-green leaves 2-4 inches long, it has a fast growth rate and (once mature) is entirely willing to fend for itself even tolerating drought and some freezing temperatures. Willing to grow at seaside when protected behind dunes or buildings and moderately tolerant of salt, Creeping Fig is a lovely juxtaposition to Palms and any other clump-forming tropicals.

Ficus pumila prefers moist, well-drained, organically rich, loamy soil. Partial shade is preferable, but it tolerates full sun. When considering a strong design element in a landscape, this is a perfect choice for creating a vivid, low-maintenance focal point.

Things To Note
Creeping Fig will destroy most wooden structures because of its hardy constitution, so choose your location wisely. Rock walls are a wonderful option. The glossiness and shade of foliage may vary depending on climate and environment.

Interesting Facts
A relative of the edible fig, Creeping Fig is in fact a true fig that under the right conditions, actually produces a small fruit. Many Asian markets sell it in a jelly form called "grass jelly."
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I was hesitant to order my plants online and have them shipped. However, these plants arrived well packaged, healthy, and happy. I would definitely buy from Classy Groundcovers again. Thanks!
creeping fig
07/10/2014 By Ellen Suber
Product reviewed: Creeping Fig {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
Each pot was lush and green.Not a single yellowed leaf in the whole lot. They were beautifully packed -- at least as carefully as a precious wedding or heirloom christening dress. I know this sounds over the top but that was truly my first thought when I opened... Read full review >
Planted In Nashville
07/07/2014 By Susan Massey
Product reviewed: Creeping Fig {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
Plants arrived. Will they survive Nashville winters on low wall? Susan
Very healthy plants!
06/12/2014 By James McLeroy
Product reviewed: Creeping Fig {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
I couldn't find these at my local nursery so I took a chance and ordered online. I had never ordered any plants online before and my expectations for quality were pretty low. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived at how mature and healthy the plants... Read full review >
Plants were larger
06/05/2014 By Joanna Selbie
Product reviewed: Creeping Fig {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
I was expecting to get creeping fig that was small and would have to grow to look good. Was I ever Surprised! The plants were healthy, large with lots of trailing fig . Definitely will order again.
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When Creeping Fig is young, it is important to keep it watered; however, once the vine matures, it can fend for itself, even during droughts.
In areas where spreading is not desired, trim back the runners before they take root or prune ruthlessly once a year.
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Ficus pumila
(AKA F. repens, Fig Vine, Fig Ivy, Climbing Fig, Creeping Rubber Plant)
Pronunciation: FYE-kus PEW-mih-luh

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