Japanese Spurge {50 Bare Root plants}

Pachysandra terminalis is the common variety (compare with shiny or variegated Pachysandra) and is one of the most popular groundcovers.

If you are considering purchasing this plant in bare root form, please read about bare root plants so you know what to expect.
General information about Pachysandra terminalis (Japanese Spurge):
If you were fortunate to grow up near a forest, this plant will take you back to your childhood wanderings in wonderful woodlands. There is something so natural about this plant, gardeners find her irresistible when hoping to achieve a peaceful feeling.

Of course Pachysandra terminalis, commonly called Japanese Spurge, is also very practical given that it is self-sustaining, always attractive and evergreen year-round, and requires no grooming or pruning. In fact, once established, given shade and moisture, Japanese Spurge promises to eliminate the need for weeding and grass cutting. Essentially, your lawn work stops where this plant starts.

The jade-green veined, oval leaves (1 1/2 to 4 inch) have lightly-toothed edges and serve as a small platter for clusters of delicate creamy-white flowers that appear in the spring and early summer, and make a beautiful statement. This plant is used extensively under large spreading trees, behind buildings, or in other situations too shady for grass to grow. She will transform otherwise bare and ugly ground areas into a whimsical garden world where fairies and gnomes are sure to visit.

It is also very effective as a border plant, along paths, or as driveway edging. One of our most popular because of its maintenance-free nature, it is often chosen for its ability to grow under conifers and in just about any other soil though its favorite is a shaded area with well-drained organically rich loam.

Once established, Japanese Spurge will spread moderately fast by underground rhizomes. Ultimately, this is a lush, lovely groundcover that offers character and a creative atmosphere to any garden.

Things to Note
Pachysandra often takes most of the first season getting established. Spreading will tend to be extremely slow at first and then commence in the second season following the age old adage, “First year she sleeps, second year she creeps, third year she leaps!”

While tolerant of some sun in northern zones, it needs shade in southern zones.

Gardener Tips
Pachysandra is an excellent ground cover for shady areas; overexposure to sun may cause it to turn yellow.
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Best value around!
05/07/2019 By Jan Marsden-Johnson (IL)
Product reviewed: Japanese Spurge {54 Pots - 2 1/2 in.}
Great plants. All healthy and bigger than I expected. Very happy with my purchase!
Japanese spurge
05/07/2019 By William Countess (TX)
Product reviewed: Japanese Spurge {54 Pots - 2 1/2 in.}
The plants arrived in excellent condition. They have been planted and look great. They look better than any plants we have had in the past. I’m expecting great results.

05/07/2019 Update. Great condition when received and doing well after planting. Bill Countess
Arrived in Excellent Condition!
05/02/2019 By Melissa Leighton (NJ)
Product reviewed: Japanese Spurge {50 Bare Root plants}
Happy to see these plants arrived quickly, safely, and very healthy too. Some outdoor plants I've ordered from other companies were much smaller than expected and some have even arrived DEAD but these were just as expected. Can't wait to see them fill out!
Bare root plants
05/01/2019 By Michael Cunningham (OH)
Product reviewed: Japanese Spurge {50 Bare Root plants}
Plants arrived very healthy, they have been in the ground for a week and still look great.
Excellent plants
05/01/2019 By Sheba/Lucie (MD)
Product reviewed: Japanese Spurge {50 Bare Root plants}
The pachysandra bare roots arrived on time and in perfect condition. I planted them the same day, and now, one week later, they are still healthy and appear to be growing sturdily. Good service.
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Pachysandra terminalis
Pronunciation: pak-ih-SAN-drah ter-min-AL-iss

$53.50 for 1 pack of 50 plants ($1.07 per plant)
5-19 packs: $43.50 per pack ($0.87 per plant)
Additional discounts on 1000 or more plants
Temporarily out of stock. Expected 10/04/2019.

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