Yellow Archangel {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

Picture a sunny blanket of yellow blossoms dotting your garden like a thousand golden fairies. Lamiastrum g. 'Variegatum' (commonly called Yellow Archangel) is in the family Lamiaceae (or Labiatae), which is the mint family, and as such, spreads by creeping stems that, in optimal growing conditions, can be somewhat invasive. Yellow Archangel is a stoloniferous spreading perennial with vibrant green and silver variegated foliage.

Similar to Lamium except it can take more sun and grows taller and faster, Yellow Archangel is evergreen in southern climates making it a wonderful option for a slightly lighter than typical green pop of color in grey winter months. Oval 2-inch leaves dance around the central stem of this perennial forming a loose mat that is the perfect backdrop to bushes, shrubs, and other taller perennials.

Excellent for erosion control, Yellow Archangel has a quick growth habit, grows easily in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade. Its favorite locale is a moist soil in part shade, though once it is established, it will tolerate some drought. Two-lipped yellow flowers appear in whorls on short stalks in late spring offering breathtaking glowing golden halos throughout your garden.

In short, if you are after a combination of color and hardy groundcover, you will not be disappointed in this minty-green and silver carpeting plant with perfect pops of yellow blossoms in late spring.
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06/15/2016 By William Cooney
Product reviewed: Yellow Archangel {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

06/15/2016 Excellent condition of the plants Already planted but may need more. Thanks
Beautiful groundcover
06/02/2016 By Kathryn Kent
Product reviewed: Yellow Archangel {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

06/02/2016 We have ordered numerous flats of these beautiful plants. They arrived in perfect condition...they are moist and properly covered in newspaper to preserve them during transit. Love them and they are growing already.
Ground cover
04/28/2016 By Patricia Ferrell
Product reviewed: Yellow Archangel {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

04/28/2016 Fabulous ; our landscaper was impressed!

08/28/2015 Great service -- shipped on the date I requested -- and plants arrived in great condition.
Superb Plants
08/26/2015 By Mary Ann Rose
Product reviewed: Yellow Archangel {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

08/26/2015 Fast and plants were in great shape. Not a bad one in the lot!
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Lamiastrum galeobdolon 'Variegatum'
(AKA Lamium galeobdolon, Deadnettle, Silverfrost, Variegated Lamium)
Pronunciation: lay-me-AS-trum gal-ee-OB-doe-lon Vair-ee-eh-GAY-tum
Product: 309

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(minimum of 25) 3 1/2 in. Pots
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