Trumpet Creeper {Bare Root Plants, min 10}

Campsis radicans (AKA Tecoma radicans, Bignonia radicans, Trumpet Vine, Cow Itch Vine)
Pronunciation: KAMP-siss RAD-ih-kanz
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Carroty color, a rapid growth rate resulting in quick-mass coverage, and a willingness to climb anything are just a few of the reasons gardeners turn to Campsis radicans, commonly known as Trumpet Creeper.

Attracting hordes of hummingbirds, terrific trumpets of pumpkin-orange blossoms dangle like jewels from June through September on deciduous, emerald foliage that has a twining habit. A native to designated zones, Trumpet Creeper's vine is very aggressive (will climb 30-40 feet) making it a splendid option for long, empty fence lines (where birds will go crazy building nests) or a large pergola in the backyard.

Trumpet Creeper's vigorous nature is drought tolerant and an effective naturalized groundcover. Its pinnate-compounded, ovate leaves (1-4 inch long) offer emerald green new foliage that matures into a rich forest green, giving dense coverage.

Trumpet Creeper's stems have aerial roots that can cling to walls, trees, and fence-posts. These tendrils will eventually mature into heavy, woody stems several inches in diameter.

For best flowering, you'll want to be certain Trumpet Creeper has adequate sun (full sun in the north and full to part sun in the south). Though Trumpet Creeper will flourish in woodland gardens, against privacy fences, and any other sunny structure, our favorite spot for Trumpet Creeper is along a pergola or arbor where her yellow-throated, orange trumpet-blossoms can dangle like topaz gemstones from the emerald foliage.

Interesting Facts
The Trumpet Creeper (sometimes called Trumpet Vine) hails from the Bignoniaceae family. It is native to woodlands of the Southeastern United States, but is a popular perennial across much of the country

Things to Note
Outside of its native range, this species has the potential to be highly invasive, even as far north as New England.

Trumpet Creeper can and will destroy weak supporting structures such as old decking or flimsy arbors. Wherever you plant this hardy perennial, be absolutely certain the surrounding structures can support its growth.

These may appear to be dead sticks when you receive them. They are not; be patient, and once you have warm nights, they will send up shoots and eventually blossom.

Gardener Tips
Unless you have a space where this plant can truly take over, you will want to ruthlessly prune each year.

Along an extended fence line, we think you'll love the combination of Black Eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, Liriope muscari, and Trumpet Creeper. The lovely bright flowers will attract birds that will nest in the Trumpet Creeper and feed on Muscari's berries in late season.

Please read about bare root plants (especially the paragraph about bare root grasses) so you know what to expect.
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the roots wow!
06/06/2014 By greg sponseller
Product reviewed: Trumpet Creeper {Bare Root Plants, min 10}

I could not believe the size of these roots when I got my order, very fast shipping, will order again from this classy company. greg
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In areas where spreading is not desired, trim back the runners before they take root or prune ruthlessly once a year.
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