Pincushion Flower 'Butterfly Blue' tray of 72 cells

Scabiosa columbaria 'Butterfly Blue'
Pronunciation: skab-ee-OH-sah kuh-lum-BAH-ree-uh
Product: 72094

1-9 flats of 72 cells: $213.84 ($2.97 per plant)
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(minimum of 1) tray of 72 cells
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These plants are grown in a 10" x 20" tray (view sample). Size of the cells in a 72-cell tray: depth 2.35" x 1.625" x 1.625". Volume: 4 cubic inches.
Remember your grandmother's pin cushion? Well, Scabiosa columbaria 'Butterfly Blue' is often referred to as Pin Cushion Flower, and rightly so. It looks like a soft, satin cushion with dozens of light lavender pins standing up in it.

Absolutely delightful in any garden, this classic perennial boasts scads of heavy lavender blue blooms all summer long through fall that beg butterflies to dance amongst her petals while they feast on her nectar. Butterfly Blue will thrive in well-drained soil in full sun and with her moderate growth rate, and scandalously prolific blossoms, you'll find your neighbors stopping by to learn more about her.

Deer do tend to avoid Butterfly Blue making her an ideal choice for locations where deer like to visit. One of the most wonderful things about her is that in addition to the curly, amethyst blossoms, her foliage is tinted a summery green with soft, curved leaves and tall stems making her an all around lovely addition to the garden.

Interesting Fact
Scabiosa c. Butterfly Blue won the Perennial Plant Association's "Plant of the Year" award in 2000.

Gardener Tips
Try pairing Butterfly Blue with Daffodil bulbs, Phlox 'Snowflake', and Coreopsis 'Moonbeam' for incredible texture, color and staggered blooms.
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04/19/2015 By Catherne Reed
Product reviewed: Pincushion Flower 'Butterfly Blue' {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}

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