Blue Spruce Stonecrop flat of 50 Pots - 2 1/4 in

Sedum reflexum 'Blue Spruce' (AKA S. pinifolium, S. pruniatum, Spruce-leaved Stonecrop, Live Forever, Jenny's Stonecrop, Crooked Yellow Sedum, Stone Orpine, Prickmadam, Petrosedum reflexum)
Pronunciation: SEE-dum ree-FLEKS-um
Product: 79357

1-9 flats of 50 2.25" peat pots: $148.50 ($2.97 per plant)
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(minimum of 1) flat of 50 Pots - 2 1/4 in
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What is absolutely undeniable about this Sedum is its striking likeness to Blue Spruce trees (hence the name). From a distance, and planted in mass, this semi-evergreen mat-forming perennial appears like a blue-grey forest of tiny, miniature spruce creating a canvas of color that floats in waves wherever it grows.

The needle-like foliage (1/2 inch) forms a whorl around the stem, making it one of the denser covering Sedums. From early summer through late summer it rewards you with egg-yolk yellow clusters of lovely flowers (1 - 1 1/2 inch wide) that resemble a bucket of melted gold poured out over your garden.

Ultimately, this is a low-growing, thick creeping groundcover that offers a stunning contrast to brighter greens, is perfect growing about rocks as an edging, is moderately tolerant of salt, and promises golden color in summer. You just can't go wrong.
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General information about Sedum (Stonecrop):
If you have naked space requiring glorious green coverage, the variety of Sedums we offer will surely fit the bill. With their thick, succulent foliage and incredibly hardy nature as well as varied display of color, Sedum, often called Stonecrop, make up one of American gardener’s most prized perennial groundcovers.

A snap to grow, low-maintenance, deer and rabbit resistant, salt-tolerant, and adaptable to just about any soil condition (though they favor well-drained soil), Sedums spread moderately fast without becoming aggressive. Sedums require no care to thrive in a wide variety of settings and due to their thick, succulent, water-storing leaves, sedums define drought tolerance - refusing to wilt in the heat.

Often people who plant Sedum become addicted to their spectacular foliage with so many different sized, shaped, and colored leaves and return to try additional varieties in their gardens. Another delightful feature about sedum is that both foliage and blooms shift shades during the season. Leaves begin from sage to peridot and blush with lavender, russet, and copper over the season. The flower clusters’ colors tend to deepen or soften as they age blooming longer and later than most groundcovers, up until frost.

The taller varieties, such as Autumn Joy, make lovely cut flowers that last for weeks. While lower-growing, ornamental varieties quickly creep around rocks in gardens blanketing the soil with their lush greens, taller varieties fill mid-height gaps in gardens with lovely texture and color.

Later in season, the taller varieties yield their seed heads to provide excellent food and attraction for birds. From rock gardens, rooftops, edgings, accents, around birdbaths, and in mass plantings, the possibilities for planting are endless.

Willing to adapt to moist conditions and a favorite of butterflies, Sedums are also lovely choices to skirt a water feature with a tropical feel. Simply put, if you’ve never tried a Sedum, you are missing out on an incredibly beautiful, easy-to-grow, garden delight.

Things to Note
Sedums' tolerance of cold makes them popular in northern zones.

Gardener Tips
Sedums are one of the easiest perennials to divide by simply digging straight down into the plant’s center, thereby dividing it in half or even quarters (depending on size), and pulling up sections to plant elsewhere. This makes them a wonderful option for including in a variety of settings, as well as an economic option because they will quickly fill in new areas of a garden.
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planted these in a mixed shade Sun area in mid spring. So far, so good. All plants have survived and are growing slowly. Interesting way, I planted the many pieces that broke off while I was planting these plants, and they are thriving in a clay pot!
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