Juniperus (Juniper)

Example of approximately what these plants look like when shipped. See the eighth photograph of any plant to see a photo of what it looks like when shipped.
Our Junipers are low-growing, trailing prostrate groundcovers. They are commonly used for mass plantings as a turf substitute, on banks, in rock gardens and planter boxes, around tall shrubs or trees or cascading over a wall. They are excellent for erosion control on light to moderate slopes and are particularly effective in sandy locations along coasts or dunes.

These junipers are tolerant of poor soil, even clay, as long as drainage is adequate (they prefers a dryish, sandy soil). They are rarely eaten by deer and are tolerant of salt. They do best in full sun. Said to be tolerant of growing growing near black walnut trees.

’Nana’ is often used for bonsai.

See photographs comparing average sizes of some bare roots and potted plants
Blue Rug Juniper {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
$166.75 for 1 pack of 25 plants ($6.67 per plant)
(Creeping Juniper) A silvery blue carpet of dense foliage that shifts to purplish-bronze in winter, this low-growing, creeping groundcover spreads 4-6 feet to form a low, dense, evergreen mat 4-6" tall.
In stock.
Blue Pacific Shore Juniper {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
$166.75 for 1 pack of 25 plants ($6.67 per plant)
(Shore Juniper) Low-growing, with ocean blue-green dense, aromatic evergreen needlelike foliage. One of the most popular junipers because of its more compact, resilient habits and superior foliage. 6-12" tall.
Temporarily out of stock. Expected 03/19/2021.Email when available
Dwarf Japanese Juniper {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
$224.25 for 1 pack of 25 plants ($8.97 per plant)
Unique, star-shaped, low-growing, creeping groundcover with deep blue-green foliage that turns slightly purplish in winter. Spreads 4-6 feet wide to form a large, dense mat 6-12" tall.
In stock.


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