Juniper (Juniperus)

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Our Junipers are low-growing, trailing prostrate groundcovers. They are commonly used for mass plantings as a turf substitute, on banks, in rock gardens and planter boxes, around tall shrubs or trees or cascading over a wall. They are excellent for erosion control on light to moderate slopes and are particularly effective in sandy locations along coasts or dunes.

These junipers are tolerant of poor soil, even clay, as long as drainage is adequate (they prefers a dryish, sandy soil). They are rarely eaten by deer and are tolerant of salt. They do best in full sun. Said to be tolerant of growing growing near black walnut trees.

’Nana’ is often used for bonsai.

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Blue Pacific Shore Juniper {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}
25 - 249: $7.97 each  |  250 - 999: $7.57 each
(Shore Juniper) Low-growing, with ocean blue-green dense, aromatic evergreen needlelike foliage. One of the most popular junipers because of its more compact, resilient habits and superior foliage. 6-12" tall.
In stock.
Blue Rug Juniper {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}
25 - 249: $7.97 each  |  250 - 999: $7.57 each
(Creeping Juniper) A silvery blue carpet of dense foliage that shifts to purplish-bronze in winter, this low-growing, creeping groundcover spreads 4-6 feet to form a low, dense, evergreen mat 4-6" tall.
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Things to Note
'Souvenir of Marengo' alludes to a city of northern Italy, though the species is native to the Canary Islands, Portugal, and North Africa. Interestingly, it was apparently named merely to commemorate Napoleon's conquest of that city (who but the French would commemorate a mad dictator?).

Gardener Tips
If you are planning to plant this in full sun, you MUST give it ample water for the first year (until it becomes established). Once established, it will thrive in full sun. However, it should not be planted (in full sun) next to something like a blacktop, since this causes heat intensification. For the greatest chances of establishment before summer, it needs to be planted in the fall or early spring. If you are not willing and able to nurture it the first year we suggest you get Persian Ivy instead, it can be planted in full sun without as much care.

If grown in the full sun of warmer climates, make sure that Gloire de Marengo receives ample water. She may get damaged if grown on unsheltered walls and exposed to cold winds during severe winters, particularly in colder zones.

The main reason why we recommend that you do not plant Hedera ivies in the summer is because it is tricky to water enough without over-watering.

You must let the soil dry out between watering, but not so much that the plants die. Stick your finger three inches into the soil, if you feel any moisture at all, do not water them.
In areas where spreading is not desired, trim back the runners before they take root or prune ruthlessly once a year.

Unless you know what you're doing, we do not recommend planting any Hedera ivies without a good month to get established before the heat of summer. We strongly recommend that you plant before mid-April or after mid-September (up to May 1 is OK in northern zones). It's tricky to water enough without over-watering (you must let the soil dry out between watering, but no so much that the plants die).

You may order them, but understand that we will not replace or refund should any perish. (more)

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