Asiatic Jasmine {3 1/4 in. Pots, min 25}

An elegant, trailing, evergreen vine, Asiatic Jasmine's jade-green (1-2 inch) leaves form a dense mat of soft foliage that controls both erosion and weeds. If it flowers, the plant is adorned by small, white slightly jasmine-fragranced blossoms on its upper stems.

Lovely in containers and hanging baskets, the patio of a harsh, urban environment suits Asiatic Jasmine just fine as will an island with heavy traffic. If given support and guidance, Asiatic Jasmine can climb 8-10 feet, flourishing in sunny through shady locations.

Asiatic Jasmine will tolerate drought and even some foot traffic as well as salt (near a beach, not on the beach). Willing to tolerate deep shade, Asiatic Jasmine will also put up with full sun if kept adequately watered, but her preference will be moderately shady situations in hotter climates as well as regular watering and a rich, loamy soil. Still, preferences aside, Asiatic Jasmine will put up with just about any soil provided it is not soaking wet.

Her real appeal lies in her versatility as both a robust groundcover and a vine that climbs high enough to provide shade or covering for any structure. Vibrant green hues make her a year-round beauty in any garden.

Things to Note
Asiatic Jasmine is slow at establishment, so you may wish to consider closer spacing. You will also want to plan for abundant watering the first season. After establishment, it needs much less water, even tolerating drought.

Japanese Star Jasmine is not the same as Star Jasmine (AKA Trachelospermum jasminoides, Confederate Jasmine).

If you are considering purchasing this plant in bare root form, please read about bare root plants so you know what to expect.
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Awesome plants!
06/16/2020 By Whitney Wells (AL)
Product reviewed: Asiatic Jasmine {2 1/2 in. Pots, min 54}

06/16/2020 Every plant is beautiful! They arrived quickly and very healthy. I cannot wait to order more!!
time will tell
06/03/2020 By B. De Marco (NJ)
Product reviewed: Asiatic Jasmine {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

06/03/2020 they are bare root, it's going to be a while before I see anything to write about, but they certainly look healthy, and I look forward to seeing how they will perform over time. The prices are good, worth the risk.

05/30/2020 This is the third time, over about 15 years time, that I've ordered Asiatic Jasmine from Classy Groundcovers. There is no better source! The 300 bare-root plants I just planted didn't even seem to notice they were 'groundless'. They were as pert... Read full review >
Asiatic Jasmine
05/29/2020 By James Hood (SC)
Product reviewed: Asiatic Jasmine {3 1/4 in. Pots, min 25}

05/29/2020 Plants arrived in excellent condition and are of the usual “Classy” quality I have come to expect.
Asiatic Jasmine Pots - 3 1/4 in
05/27/2020 By Melissa Egbert (UT)
Product reviewed: Asiatic Jasmine {3 1/4 in. Pots, min 25}

05/27/2020 Plants arrived in excellent condition, they look shiny and healthy. Planted them all and they seem to be doing very well. Very pleased with my order.
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Asiatic Jasmine will do best with abundant water in the first season: it needs much less after establishment.

In the early spring, it can be pruned (or mowed) to maintain a tidy appearance.
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Trachelospermum asiaticum
(AKA Asian Jasmine, Dwarf Jasmine, Japanese Star Jasmine)
Pronunciation: track-ul-oh-SPUR-mum ay-zee-AT-ih-kum
Product: 248

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(minimum of 25) 3 1/4 in. Pots
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