Boston Ivy, Virginia Creeper, Woodbine (Parthenocissus)

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When given something to climb, these aggressive creepers will use their adhesive tendrils to climb heights up to 100 feet. Landscapers love these deciduous woody vines because they spread indefinitely.

They are widely grown as ornamental plants for climbing and covering buildings, which reduces cooling costs significantly in summer. Both of our varieties offer blazes of red in autumn and are superb at erosion control.

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Other ivies:
  • Hedera algeriensis (Algerian Ivy)
  • Hedera colchica (Persian Ivy)
  • Hedera helix (English Ivy)

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    General information about Parthenocissus:
    When given something to climb, this this aggressive creeper will use his adhesive tendrils to climb heights up to 100 feet. A deciduous woody vine that spreads indefinitely with dark-green leaves divided into three leaflets, it is widely grown as an ornamental plant for climbing (and covering) buildings. In the summer, this practice is economically important due to it significantly reducing cooling costs (by providing shade for walls).

    Contrary to what some believe, this plant does not penetrate building surfaces: it merely attaches itself by way of adhesive pads. Nevertheless, damage can occur when plants are ripped off these structures while still alive. If you sever its vines from the root, its adhesive pads will eventually deteriorate to where easy removal is possible.

    Once established, Virginia Creeper can handle periods of sparse rain fairly well. If drought persists, however, water the vine every week or so, soaking the soil down at least 6 inches and then allow the soil to dry before watering again.

    More tolerant of flooding and wet soils than Boston Ivy.
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