25% off Shady White Deer Mix #2: 25 White False Spirea, 25 Monroe White Lilyturf, 25 Lily-of-the-Valley

25% off Shady White Deer Mix #2: 25 Astilbe a. 'Gladstone', 25 Liriope m. 'Monroe White', 25 Convallaria majalis (AKA 25% off a collection of White Blooming Plants for Shade that Deer Tend to Avoid: 25 Echinacea purpurea 'White Swan', 25 Iberis sempervirens 'Snow Cone', 25 Mazus reptans 'Alba', 25% off a collection of White Blooming Plants for Shade that Deer Tend to Avoid: 25 Coneflower, 25 Candytuft, 25 Mazus)
Pronunciation: ah-STILL-bee, lih-RY-oh-pee muss-KAR-ee, kon-vuh-LAIR-ee-uh muh-JAY-liss
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pack(s) of 25 White Astilbe, 25 White Liriope, 25 Convallaria
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Save big on this package of plants that are the perfect solution for a mass of white flowers that deer tend to avoid in your shady to part shade location in zones 4-8.

This is the stuff of weddings. Time will literally stand still with the luxurious feathered wisps of Astilbe a. 'Gladstone' swaying gently in the breeze. The creamy white blooms on Lily Turf 'Monroe White' protrude like wedding bells while the sweet perfume of the pearly blossoms on Lily of the Valley serve as an invitation to guests with their scent.

With this trio, your garden gains the height and breadth of tall Astilbe, the thick, lush medium-high coverage of Monroe White, and the green blanket of lower-lying Lily of the Valley. You get blooms at various heights and seasons as well as guaranteed vivid green foliage that stands on its own when blooms are spent. Hands down, our White Shady Mix package is the most elegant trio available for a shaded garden.

This package includes:
- 25 Astilbe a. 'Gladstone' bare root plants
- 25 Lily Turf 'Monroe White' in 3 1/2" pots
- 25 Convallaria majalis (Lily-of-the-Valley) bare root plants

Click the links below for more information and photographs of the plants (you may purchase the plants separately if you wish). You may specify any ship date when you checkout.

Astilbe a. 'Gladstone' has gorgeous saw-toothed foliage with stunning contrasting white flower spikes May-July. One of the few groundcovers that will grow under walnut trees. Species unknown. Moderate growth rate, dormant in winter. Deer tend to avoid. Mature height 18"-25", spacing 12"-18". [ more information ]

Lily Turf 'Monroe White' is dependable and versatile perennial that is low-maintenance and easy to grow. She is covered with lily-like white flowers that emerge on 16 inch scapes. Spacing 25-38". [ more information ]

Convallaria majalis (Lily-of-the-Valley) is a deciduous plant that has lily-like spathe-shaped leaves, 8" long, 3" wide and arching, arise from spreading roots. Lily-of-the-valley will spread slowly to form a thick carpet of green that remains attractive from early spring to late summer. The white bell-shaped fragrant flowers bloom in May and brighten areas of dense shade beneath trees and along north walls where few other plants will grow, much less bloom. Good for erosion control, tolerates summer drought and requires no care other than a mulch to conserve moisture. Moderate growth rate. Marginal in Zone 8. Spacing: 4-8". Mature height 6-10". [ more information ]
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Ordered three sets, 75 plant of each.
I was expecting nothing but root mass with the bare root astilbe. Instead i recieved plants with nice foliage, some with flowers, almost all with significant roots. I'd say 5 out of the 75 were insignificant, with wisps... Read full review >

I planted these in October (in CT) and knew they'd die back for the winter. The liriope thrived immediately, but the astilbe and lily of the valley just disappeared, so I was left wondering if they would resurface in spring, Now it's early May and the astilbe... Read full review >

I recently purchased the White Shady Mix and it was received when promised. The plants arrived in good condition, moist and healthy. This is a nice ground cover combination for a small shady area I have and it will add greenery and color. I am always well... Read full review >
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