Ajuga (Carpet Bugleweed)

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Ajuga reptans (AKA Carpet Bugleweed, Creeping Bugleweed, Creeping Carpet Bugle, Sicklewort, and Carpenter’s Herb) offers such striking, texturally rich foliage in a broad range of colors including an almost black that gardeners are constantly seeking this perennial groundcover.

An absolute visual treat, you'll be thrilled using Ajugas as a substitute for turf grass (especially under trees such as walnut where grasses refuse to grow and mowing over tree roots is dangerous). Vibrant and generous spring flower spikes in a range of lilac tones promise to attract butterflies.

Willing to tolerate infrequent foot traffic, you simply can't beat the beauty and hardiness of our Ajugas. We love using Ajuga as a complete groundcover in gardens because it replaces the need for mulches. It's pretty likely you'll want more than one type giving your garden vivid color variety.

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Bugleweed 'Bronze Beauty' {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
(Ajuga Gaiety, Gaiety Bugleweed, Creeping Carpet Bugle, Sicklewort, Carpenter's Herb) Glossy variegated purple-bronze leaves up to 3" long, 3-5" tall, with 2" lilac flower spikes in early spring. Spreads rapidly, tolerates foot ...
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Bugleweed 'Burgundy Glow' {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
(Creeping Carpet Bugle, Sicklewort, Carpenter's Herb, Burgundy Lace) A stunning trio of mint, ivory, and burgundy/salmon foliage with six-inch indigo blue flower spikes in mid-spring to early-summer. Spreads rapidly. 3-6" tall.
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Bugleweed 'Catlin's Giant' {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
(Giant Bugleweed, Creeping Carpet Bugle, Sicklewort, Carpenter's Herb) Variegated rosettes of rapidly spreading purple-bronze foliage (5-7" tall) with profuse deep blue-purple flowers on spikes up to 8-10" tall in early spring. Light ...
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Bugleweed 'Chocolate Chip' {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
('Valfredda', Creeping Carpet Bugle, Sicklewort, Carpenter's Herb) Compact, variegated emerald foliage with rich chocolate and burgundy highlights on a rapidly spreading ground cover with deep blue 2" flower spikes. Light foot ...
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Bugleweed 'Black Scallop' {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}
(Creeping Carpet Bugle, Sicklewort, Carpenter's Herb) Scalloped, leathery burgundy foliage prized for almost black appearance. Deep lilac blooms appear on 8-10" spikes. 3-6" tall.
In stock.
Sunny Blue Deer Mix, 20% off: 25 Bugleweed 'Chocolate Chip', 25 Dwarf Plumbago, Hardy Blue Plumbago, 25 Blue Star Creeper
Save 20% on this collection of striking and unusual blue eye-candy that deer generally avoid. Plant in full sun or part-sun in zones 5/6-9.
In stock.
Shady Variegated Deer Mix #1, 20% off: 25 Variegated Lilyturfy, 25 Sedge 'Ice Dance', 25 Bugleweed 'Burgundy Glow'
Save 20% on this package of shade plants with extraordinarily attractive variegated foliage that deer tend to avoid. Plant in shade or part-shade in zones 5/6-9.
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