Liriope muscari 'Evergreen Giant' (Lilyturf, Border Grass)

A larger Liriope perfect in shade gardens or simply as an accent piece around a bird-bath, Evergreen Giant is extremely versatile. Give him well-drained soil and he’ll reward you handsomely all season with soothing slivers of green and elegant blooms. Similar to Densiflora, but taller.

With the bloom-time ranging from summer well into autumn, as a groundcover, you gain not only vibrant green coverage, but also delicate dots of lavender scattered throughout like purple rock candy sitting on sticks!

  • Liriope muscari (except for 'Big Blue') stays in clump form
  • Liriope spicata (Creeping Lily Turf) creeps (will spread)

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  • Ophiopogon (Mondo Grass, Monkey Grass)

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